International Conference on Ecological Sciences "Ecology & Evolution: New perspectives and societal challenges"

Ecology & Evolution: New perspectives and societal challenges,

in Metz, France, 21-25 November 2022. It is being organized by the LIEC (University of Lorraine, CNRS) and other labs in northeastern France working in the fields of ecology and evolution. We anticipate a large gathering of scientists, cutting edge researchers, science policy makers, and leading teachers from Europe and elsewhere.

Let's remain optimistic that we can indeed address the difficult environmental challenges that face us (and the great challenge of meeting in person) for a fruitful exchange of ideas!

We hope that you can be with us and participate in this unique conference!

Very truly yours,


President SFE²                          President GfÖ                       President EEF

Anne-Violette LAVOIR                Christian Ammer                    Cristina Máguas

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Data de início 21-11-2022
Data de fim 25-11-2022
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